Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 3: Mom and Dad

Day 3: My parents rock! I mean sure, I'm grateful for all the usual stuff. They brought me into the world, fed me, sheltered me, taught me, yadayada. I'm also grateful for some unusual things that I won't mention here. But what is it about my parents that makes me profoundly grateful?

I could name many things I've learned from my Dad but here's something for which I'm most grateful. My Dad taught me how to work, and work, and work. He didn't just teach me how to work hard, he taught me to love work. He also taught me unselfish service. When I was young I had no vision for what he was teaching me. Here is a classic example of the types of work and service Dad inflicted upon his boys (for which I am now extremely grateful). Get up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning in the middle of the winter. Drive an hour to a dairy farm owned by a church and used to produce dairy products for welfare efforts. Volunteer to muck out the stalls. The lists of hard work and meaningful service go on and on. At this end of the spectrum I fully appreciate the value of hard work and service. Not only do they allow me to provide well for my family and serve others but they bring me fulfillment and meaning. Thanks Dad!

I'm grateful to Mom for teaching me to trust in God and to forgive. And to do both always, unconditionally. I can't begin to describe what I've seen my mother go through and still trust in God and forgive when no one (other than God) would have required it. Her faith in God is living and constant. This same faith and willingness to forgive that I now possess atleast in some measure is the anchor of my life. When all the world around me is in commotion I am at peace. I have a never ending source of happiness and a constant freedom. Life has purpose, meaning, direction. Things can be measured in black and white. People can be forgiven and loved. Thanks Mom!

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