Friday, April 21, 2006

Day 18: Bagpipes and Tulips

Bagpipes and tulips may seem like a strange combination. But as I walked through the annual Tulip Show at a huge garden this evening and heard a piper in the distance playing Scotland the Brave, it all seemed to fit together nicely. What is it about the bagpipes that reaches into the deepest part of me and stirs my soul. Am I the only one that gets teary-eyed whenever I hear them? Perhaps it is the generations of Scottish blood within me recognizing something about my true nature. Somehow the reverberation of the pipes seems to be a natural part of me. The bagpipes make me feel like I've come home after being away for ages. Only it is a home I've never been to.

A few years ago I spent a day in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was probably there less than 24 hours. As I walked around the streets during lunch It seemed as if I had a sense of the generations that had gone before. They seemed to be all around me and again I felt at home.

I love the bagpipes. Somehow their chant is a natural part of me. They pierce my heart. They make me feel more alive. They help me understand more about who I am.

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The other me said...

What a great blog! I'm glad I hit the 'next blog' button! I shall save you and read all the things you are grateful for! Helen.