Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day 22: Strolls Along the Beach

I love the feeling of walking along the beach. The feel of the sand, the salty air, the rhythmic waves and the treasures that wash up on the shore offer tranquility and peace. There's something about watching fresh footprints disappear in the surf and the feeling of the sand eroding out from under your feet as the undercurrent pulls back into the ocean that never loses its mystery.

I associate beaches with family fun. I associate them with peace and crispness.

My favorite time at the beach is sunset. How many times has the sun sunk down into the ocean sending its rays shooting out for miles and miles across the waves? Perhaps millions and yet each time it is the firts time. Each time it is new. Each time is a one of a kind.

A walk along the beach has the power to push all cares away and leave behind just those things that are dear. The waves come in and go back out washing away the sand and leaving behind the treasures in my mind.

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Anonymous said...

this is an amazing idea. thank you for doing this, it has inspired me.
-just some one wandering-