Saturday, April 29, 2006

Day 24: A Compass

I've recently been teaching orienteering skills to the boys in our scout troop. As I worked with them it struck me how amazing the compass is. It has been around for thousands of years with relatively little change in its features and function. It is incredibly reliable and consistant.

The information presented on a compass is transparent, there is no guessing. Things are either at a certain bearing or not. If someone came down this path before and told you to go due North for 500km to hit the mark you can be assured that the course is set and constant for all who follow.

How nice it would be if we could be so transparent in our course - letting all that cared to observe us see exactly where we are going. How nice it would be if the paths we navigate through life could be marked with the same precision as a compass course. How wonderful if we could rely on direction given to us as completely as we can a true compass.

We each have an internal compass. The direction, the constancy, the transparency is there within us but for some reason we refuse to look. Somehow we look outward for our direction, we question our true compass.

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