Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 2: Children

I love children in general. For day 2 of 365 days of gratitude I want to talk particularly about my four children. It amazes me how deeply and differently I love each one. Life has so much richness as seen through their eyes. They are each brilliant - I mean truly brilliant - in very unique ways. Each seems to have an unbounded potential. Each adds to our family exponentially.

Here are some of the things in particular that fill me with gratitude for my children.
  • they love to read
  • they love to laugh and play tricks on me
  • they give great hugs
  • they fit very naturally on my lap and by my side
  • they often say what everyone is thinking but would never verbalize
  • they love me - I am a hero in their eyes
  • they love their mother
  • they love each other
  • they take care of each other
  • they make great forts
  • the edges of their imaginations seem to ripple out across their world
  • they are amazingly resilient - they bounce back
  • they are beginning to understand what it means to be a lady or a gentleman
  • they keep life fresh
  • the boys are all boy and the girls are 150% girl
  • they sleep so peacefully - how many moments of wonder I've had just peaking in their rooms at night
  • they give me something to live for, to work for, to hope for
  • they are pure
  • each has a different color of eyes - there seems to be no end to the depths of their eyes - I've often tried to find it
  • they are trusting, meek, submissive
  • they remind me of their mother
  • they are mine

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