Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day 23: Mountains

I have always lived at the base of mountains except for two years of my life when I lived in an extremely flat portion of Europe. Mountains give me a feeling of security. I feel vulnerable when they aren't around offering shelter. Mountains offer direction. I remember as a small child learning which way was east or west not by the sun, but by the mountains. The big mountains were to the East, the small mountains were to the West. For a period of time we lived on the other side of the mountains. I wasn't very old but I remember realizing that these mountains which were now on the West were the same mountains that used to be on the East. Having them close by helped me feel secure, helped me know where home was.

When I see the snow-capped peaks rising up above the valley, the first rays of the sun breaking out across the valley, or the pink reflection of the sunset on the Eastern slopes, I'm overcome with gratitude. I wonder about the master artist that could create such grandeur and beauty. The creations of man seem insignificant in comparison. I feel gratitude for the creator of these mountains, their majesty and beauty.

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