Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day 72: Our Patio Swing

It seems during the summer that this patio swing becomes the center of attention. I can't tell you how many times I come home from work and the kids are out back on the swing. During the day they'll lay down on it and read a book or sit together and just rock back and forth while they talk. It is so relaxing to just gently rock back and forth. The other night after the kids went to bed my wife and I just sat and watched the moon.

We had a lemonade party recently for all of the women in the neighborhood. The over 60 club arrived early, took their spots on the swing and stayed there for three and a half hours. I peaked out for a second to talk to these sweet ladies and they proudly told me, "We got here early, staked our claim, and we're not budging." Well, who is going to kick three grandmas out of their place?

Somehow rocking gently in the swing with all of the trees and flowers around you brings peace and relaxation. It seems natural to socialize with those around you. It draws people closer together. I'm grateful for our patio swing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day 71: First Fish

The first fish I remember catching was at a lake by my Grandpa's house in California. It was a little sunfish. We had been fishing for quite some time and all I had managed to do was get my line snagged. It was time to go so I decided to try and get my line free and reel it in. I got it free and started dragging something heavy in, I thought it was a stick. Boy was I surprised when that stick turned out to be a fish.

A couple of weeks ago I was setting up a pole for one of my girls. She was excited to finally have a real hook on her line. My oldest son already had his line in the water. I heard some excitement behind me and turned around just in time to see my son pull his first unassisted catch out of the lake. What a great thing that first fish is.

Day 70: City Champs

I've never been into baseball much myself. In fact, I think I'd get struck out by most of the little league pitchers I've seen in my son's league. But my oldest son seemed to have a real interest in baseball so we signed him up.

My son isn't particularly talented at baseball but he has improved tremendously over the season. He was fortunate to be placed on a very good team. They won the City Championship and are heading to a multi-city tournament. I'm grateful for the good people, players, coaches, and families that support my son and this team. I'm grateful for the excitement my son has experienced being part of it. I'm grateful for the smile on his face as he collected his trophy.

Day 69: The Beauty of the Earth

God's goodness and glory is all around us. Need I say more?