Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day 71: First Fish

The first fish I remember catching was at a lake by my Grandpa's house in California. It was a little sunfish. We had been fishing for quite some time and all I had managed to do was get my line snagged. It was time to go so I decided to try and get my line free and reel it in. I got it free and started dragging something heavy in, I thought it was a stick. Boy was I surprised when that stick turned out to be a fish.

A couple of weeks ago I was setting up a pole for one of my girls. She was excited to finally have a real hook on her line. My oldest son already had his line in the water. I heard some excitement behind me and turned around just in time to see my son pull his first unassisted catch out of the lake. What a great thing that first fish is.

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