Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 50: Swallowing

I spent some time today with my brother-in-law who had a liver transplant two and a half weeks ago. He is still in intensive care but progressing. I've visited him several times but today was the first time that he was alert enough to really have a conversation. I asked him what he might most like to be blessed with so that I'd know how to better focus our faith and prayers. He said that first he wants the ability to deal with the intense pain and nausea that he feels constantly. Second, that he would be able to eat some ice chips. Third that he would not be disoriented so often.

His response to the question of what he would like to be blessed with is amazing to me. He did not ask that the pain and nausea be removed, only that he could bear it. He did not ask to be able to eat a large meal, simply to be able to eat ice chips - the first step in testing to see if the digestive system is ready to start reintroducing food. He didn't ask for all of his struggles to be gone, but to have a grasp on reality through it all.

We spoke briefly of his family and I assured him that they were all well cared for. We spoke about the peace he and I both felt and our belief that, even though he has literally been fighting for his life these past weeks, we had both felt impressed that God intended to spare his life. I told him of my love and admiration for him. Then I left feeling grateful for so many little things like being able to swallow.

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