Friday, May 05, 2006

Day 32: Eyes

I'm not talking about vision, I'm just talking about eyes. In particular I am amazed at the beauty and depth of eyes. Just among my children we have a range of amazing eyes.

Our first child has blue eyes. Not a deep blue, but more of a sky blue. They are amazingly clear. They are amazingly blue. They squint up some at the corners when he smiles. These eyes were made to smile and laugh. On the rare chance that these eyes are sad they pierce you with remorse. How could something that was meant to smile take on such sadness?

Our second child has green eyes. These aren't just ordinary green eyes, they are magic green eyes. At the center if you look close enough you can see little splashes of brown. She gets this from her mother. These eyes are magical for many different reasons. The most amazing thing to me about these eyes is their ability to communicate so completely and precisely. I really believe that if she had no other way to communicate, other than through her eyes, child number 2 would get by just fine.

The third set of eyes are a deep chocolate brown. Not a dark chocolate but a rich milk chocolate. I've spent a lot of time staring into the layers of brown looking for an end. I can't find it. There is so much depth. It is like looking at the reflection of one mirror in another, it just goes on and on and on. Everything about these eyes including the skin, the eyebrows, and lashes around them have a warmth, depth, and richness to them. Like the warmest, most welcoming place you could possibly imagine.

The fourth and newest set of eyes are grey. They too have small touches of brown within them if you look closely. The brown isn't clustered toward the center but can be seen at certain angles depending on the light reflecting off of them. These eyes are so pure and clean. It reminds me of the experience you have when you think you're looking at something really white until something truly brilliantly white comes along and redefines the spectrum. I thought I knew purity and innocence until I looked into these grey eyes. The spectrum has been redefined.

I'm grateful for eyes.

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