Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day 47: Sunrise

One of the most magical things to me is to see the first ray of the sun come over the eastern horizon. It is spectacular. You think it is light outside and then when that first ray breaks through you realize how dark it really is compared to the full strength of the sun.

I've seen the sun rise on several different continents. It doesn't matter where you are, city, mountains, plains it is always magical. It doesn't matter whether the sun breaks through the morning fog, glistens off the top of snow-capped peaks or simply appears without clouds or scenery around it. It is always magical. I love to see the pure light of the sun fill the world. I love to feel its warmth, to watch it melt the frost or evaporate the morning dew. I love the way the flowers turn their heads and follow it through the day. I'm grateful for the sunrise.

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