Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day 48: Barbeques

It's that time of year again. We love having barbeques. Sometimes we'll have over lots of friends and family, other times just us. There is something about hotdogs, hamburger, bratwurst (my personal favorite), steak or salmon cooked out on the grill that makes it taste so much better. Of course you have to have baked beans, chips and fresh fruit to go along with it.

It takes more than just the food to have a great barbeque. Location is critical. We actually designed our back yard with great anticipation of barbeque season. The back patio has a special nook for the grill. The trees and beds that surround the patio make a little shaded oasis. The play yard just off the patio and the play house across the lawn can keep an amazing number of kids occupied while their parents socialize.

Then there is of course the company. I love having friends and family come over. It is great to relax in the shade on a summer afternoon eating great food and watching the kids play.

The food, location, and guests make up the key elements to a successful barbeque. The thing I enjoy most about barbeques is the relaxation that comes from the perfect combination of these elements. I think if I'm ever President of the United States (which I won't be) and there is some big international confrontation that needs to be settled, I'll just invite all of the key parties over for a barbeque. No lawn darts though - I'll only go so far down the red-neck trail.

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