Friday, May 12, 2006

Day 39: Grandma P.

Grandma P. was one fiesty lady. It never ceased to amaze me how much energy came out of her small form. In her later years osteoperosis had so consumed her that she was barely 5 feet tall. That is probably 8 inches shorter than she was before her back started to collapse.

She was an extremely hard working and generous person. She was a single mother most of her life, raising three boys on her own. She survived her 3rd husband (Grandpa P.) by more than 20 years.

It is hard to imagine that she was ever a little girl. I have many pictures of her at about this age, playing at the lake, running around with cousins, having a good time.

Grandma P. made great lunches. We always looked forward to anything she prepared even if sometimes it was a little strange to us (pear halves with mayonnaise in them??).

I've been thinking about her lately. I miss her. I love her. My life is better for having known her. I'm amazed at what she suffered and overcame in her life. I remember her quilting and painting the most amazing things long after her hands were so arthritic that she couldn't open them. I look forward to seeing her again after this life. She is one of my happiest memories.

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