Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 67: I don't have to eat bugs

At the camp for young men that I helped with this past week one of the activities was a 'Fear Factor' activity. Each team of boys had to choose two out of their ranks that would compete. The reward - the right to eat dinner that night. Each boy threw a spear across a field toward a target painted on the ground. They ate what ever corresponded to the number closest to the spear. The items: sardines (not too bad), gold fish (just swallow, don't chew), live crickets (definitely chew), night crawlers (best when swallowed with water), and meal worms (apparently not much flavor but kind of crunchy).

I think I could eat any of these if necessary (or simply if dared to). In fact, I've eaten everything on this menu except gold fish at some point in my life. I guess I'm grateful for two things. 1) I don't have to eat bugs all of the time 2) Young men that somehow find this amusing (some even came back for seconds). I have some great video...

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