Friday, June 02, 2006

Day 54: Mountain Hikes

On memorial day we brainstormed with the kids about what they'd like to do that day. They had many great ideas (including one who said "Learn to read!"). We voted and did the ones that had unanimous votes. Here's what we did.
  1. Go on a picnic and a hike in the mountains
  2. Have a barbeque
  3. Go to Narnia night at the botanical garden

We had a great time. Our hike however was the climax of the day. The air was amazingly clear. The temperature was just cool enough that you'd be warm as you hiked. We went about a mile up the trail and turned around to see an amazing view of our favorite mountain. It was wonderful to be together. It was great to feel invigorated as all of our sense were on overload from the sites, smells, and sounds around us. I love hiking in the mountains.

(see full sized image)

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