Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 62: Sleeping out in Thunderstorms

I love extremes in nature. I think it is especially thrilling to be camping out during a great storm. Nature seems to peak in beauty during a thunderstorm. The power displayed is amazing. Nothing man made seems to compare except perhaps nuclear weapons. Is it that feeling of being in and a part of nature that I get from hunkering down in the mountains and waiting out a storm? Perhaps it is just the age old plot of man against nature that thrills me. It certainly has a way of centering me and humbling me. I've camped out through some nasty weather over the years. It amazes me now to think that there is one who can command and calm the storms.

We usually think of storms ending with a rainbow. This was the introduction to a spectacular night of rain, wind, hail, lightning, and thunder.

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