Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Chasing Girls

Ever since I've known my mother (that would be my whole life...) she has kept a journal. It has become one of the things that I love and respect about her most. From time to time she'll send me an excerpt from one of her journals. Sometimes they are poems, or stories that inspire, other times, they are funny stories of things I did when I was a boy. I always enjoy these stories from my childhood as told through my mother's eyes. It sparks again those tender feelings of a small child sitting on his mother's lap feeling complete love, trust and protection. Here's what she sent to me today. I was 5 yrs old.

Found this while looking for something else. Thought you might like it. Love you, Mom

September 22, 1975, Monday

I was just thinking about an experience that happened earlier in the month. Or was it in August?

On Monday night after Home Evening Mike gave each of the kids a father's blessing preparatory to school beginning, (on Wednesday).

A week or two after school began I had a little discussion with Danny.

"Danny, mommy worries about you when you don't come straight home from school. Will you try to come home as soon as school is out so I won't worry?" "But you don't have to worry mommy," he said. "I'm just over at the Harris' with my friend, chasing the little girls in my class." "I wish you would come home first though so I would know where you were." "You don't have to worry I'll just be over at the side of Harris' yard waiting for the girls to go by." "Well Danny, what do you do when you catch the little girls? You don't hurt them do you? You know to the girls you boys might be scary when you chase them and catch them, like the older boys seem scary to you." "I don't hurt them mommy, my friend pushes them to the ground but I don't hurt them because Daddy gave me a blessing."

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