Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tips - You know like money

Today my good friend Brad introduced me to a new service called TipJoy (TipJoy.com). The basic concept is if you like something or someone you can leave them a $.10 tip through PayPal. You have to transfer $5 into your TipJoy account to start tipping. I can see some powerful implications to these $.10 micropayments. Anyone feeling generous? Click the TipJoy button at the end of this post to send me a tip.


Anonymous said...

what exactly am i tipping for? your amazing sense of humor? or your brilliance on the subject of pygmies?

Dan Lawyer said...

I don't think TipJoy will let you give tips proportionate to my humor or knowledge of pygmies. Perhaps something less deserving like that one time when I was really nice to you.